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Meet the Crafters

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John & Jane Ann Allen
The Allens have been photographing the splendor of Western North Carolina and bordering regions for over thirty years. Their photographs reflect the love they share for this beautiful region.  You may view their work at www.allenshots.com.
Arlene Armstrong
Jewelry, Framed Art, Fabric Art
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Maiden the Mountains
Blanche Baker
Crocheted baby sets, burp pads, bibs, kitchen towels, dish cloths, aprons, Christmas ornaments and more.
Positively the most luscious soaps, lotions, scrubs and other wonderful skin care confections ever created, all lovingly made just for you by:
Angela Bickford

Carolina Mountain Soaps

J.B. Gem Designs
Gem Stone Jewelry
Evelyn & John Bree
Email:  jbgem@aol.com
Rocks & Minerals can be hand-crafted into attractive jewelry.  Our pendants, bolas, bead necklaces and earrings are crafted from stones we collect from all over the country.
Brooke Lines
Jewelry & Handcrafts
Blanche Brooke
Team of avid rock hound and wife offering:  Wire wrapped gems and stones, pendants and rings, plus original bead necklaces, (restrung, repaired, knotted).


Function Plus

Home Accessories
Ken and Martha Ann Campbell

Glass By Suz

Susan A. Cunningham
Email:  hodoku@ioa.com
All manner of Stained Glass. Custom designed and crafted windows, sidelights, and cabinet doors; kaleidoscopes; votives; sun catchers and more.
Brent Giles
Hand-Drawn Portraits
Deer Path Crafts
Email:  gcg@brinet.com
Decorative wood, pillows, wall hangers, decorative gourds, baskets, painted containers, and much, much more.

Gail Hall
as, Snowmen
and Angels

Janice Hill
Fabric Animals
Wreathes and Florals

Hilde’s Crafts
Table Runners, Pillows
and much much more...
Hilde Jensen
Margert Johnson
Jewelry and Christmas Items

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Ceramic Studio


Gift Shop

Our Family Crafts is a small, personalized ceramic studio and gift shop.  The studio is operated by Patricia and Jack Koval.  Both are certified instructors as well as members of the Western Ceramic Association of Asheville, North Carolina, and the Henderson County Crafters Association, also of North Carolina.

The gift shop functions as the studio showroom where completed items are displayed and made available for sale to the public.


Jim Oneacre
Baskets by Jim
Nantucket Lightship Basket
By Sam Payne
Off the coast of Nantucket Island, where lighthouses could not be built, men anchored lightships to warn of the treacherous shoal waters.  In the late 1800’s, lightship crewmen had little to do for distraction.  They started to create sturdy baskets by weaving rattan over a mould.  Usually decorated with scrimshaw or carved ivory, these baskets have become highly prized, and have come to symbolize the special qualities of Nantucket Island.
Fred and Barbara Price
Price Mountain Crafts
Wood Turning, Bandsaw Boxes, Quilted Purses
and Crocheted Items
A.W. and Debbie Ruff
Cutting Boards, Birdhouses,
and Wooden Toys
Amy and Kevin Sullivan
Lapidary Jewelry
Wire Wrapping
Fabric and Plastic Canvas Crafts
Fabric crafts, baby Items: blankets, bibs, cover-ups, kitchen, bed and bath items, pot holders, towels, pillow cases, hot mats, table runners. Small plastic canvas crafts: magnets, key chains, Christmas ornaments.

Margaret Walker
Needlework, Dolls, Florals

  Bob and Margaret Wright
Lampwork Beads and
Wire Wrap Jewelry