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Arleen Armstrong

Arleen Armstrong was born in Indianapolis, Indiana.  She was artistically creative early in her life and attended John Herron Art Institute in grade and high school years.  Arleen earned her B.A. at Butler University, Indianapolis, majoring in Botany, Zoology and Clothing Design.  She completed her degree in Respiratory Therapy at the University of Chicago.

Feeling a sense of security and love within the mountains, Arleen transplanted herself to Asheville, North Carolina in 1981.  In 1988, she was moved and influenced by the statement of Joseph Campbell, "Follow your bliss".  She reentered a life in fine arts by attending art classes at the University of North Carolina at Asheville.  Her work has been exhibited at numerous juried student exhibitions and in 1994, made a major artistic statement in the UNCA fine arts magazine, The Seventh Veil.  In 1995, she received first prize for Best Drawing at the UNCA Student Exhibition.

Arleen says, "My art comes from my daytime dreams and fantasies.  When the fantasies are drawn on paper, they become real to me with greater clarity.  I like working in monochrome because the subject matter itself is very complex.  I am greatly influenced by the psychological and conceptual concerns of Giorgio de Chirico, Max Klinger and Kathe Kollwitz."

Arleene's work is intriguing and complex in terms of the subject matter and its composition.  Beginning with an emotional statement in fantasy, experience, or reflection, she creates a collage of contrasting elements where the real world collides with the other side.

Arleen is following her bliss at the drawing table, on canvas in fabric and with natural stones fashioned into stylish jewelry.  Her works are just beginning to develop in content and her pathways are numerous.  She welcomes inquiries at shows and via e-mail.

. . .at the drawing
table and on canvas
. . .with natural stones

. . .in fabric